Rules & Agreements


The text of the user agreement regulates the terms and conditions (hereinafter "terms of use") for the provision by PROFITINITY PTY LTD (hereinafter "PROFITINITY") of services and access to the resource, as well as all the functions of this site. The Company reserves the right to change the provisions of this agreement at any time and without prior notice to users. This document applies to all internet resources owned by PROFITINITY.

Our representatives have the right to give answers to questions of users of the site that were asked on third-party resources, where there are active official accounts of the company, namely: TWITTER.COM, FACEBOOK.COM, BITCOINTALK.ORG, INSTAGRAM.COM. We draw your attention to the fact that these sites are not subject to control or management by representatives of PROFITINITY. Therefore, this agreement does not apply to the resources listed above.

A client using any of the functions of the site, agrees with all the provisions of the privacy policy and this document by default. If a user disagrees with any of the paragraphs of these documents, the user must immediately refuse to work with the company. When using the site, the user also agrees that the company can change the provisions of this agreement at its own discretion and at any time.

The company is not obligated to notify customers if amendments to the documents are made. Each user can independently track changes by reading this agreement again.


Absolutely all graphics and text data (images, logos, designs, buttons, audio and video files, texts) on the resource, as well as programs that provide its functionality, are completely protected by copyright © 2018 PROFITINITY.

All content on the site is protected by the provisions of international copyright law and belongs to PROFITINITY PTY LTD (c).

Use of site content

All the content of the site as well as its functionality are available for use in strict accordance with the privacy policy and this agreement. When performing actions on the resource, customers are prohibited from copying or distributing company-owned information, except in cases described in the provisions of this document.

Preserving rights

The company may refuse to use the site without explaining the reasons, by blocking access for the client. PROFITINITY also has the right to make changes to the list of services without advance notification.

The Company does not provide third parties with access to customer data, except for situations provided by applicable law, and also if information was required for:

  • compliance with the terms of use of the site;
  • litigation;
  • addressing issues related to the general, legal, or technical security of PROFITINITY, as well as individual users, employees of the company, or society.

Protection against fraud

Monitoring of the financial operations on the platform is carried out in accordance with the payment processing rules adopted by the company. This measure is aimed at preventing fraud and other actions that violate the provisions of current legislation. If there is a suspicion that a payment transaction is being performed with the aim of fraudulent or illegal actions, PROFITINITY may refuse to process it. The listed security measures were taken to protect users and the company and are enforced.

If a user's funds are lost as a result of providing access to personal data for teamwork on the platform or theft of such information, the company is not liable. PROFITINITY recommends not sharing login and password information to third parties.

Return policy

Representatives of PROFITINITY undertake to consider all requests for the return of funds, if they are submitted on time and without violation of the provisions of this document.

The company has the right to refuse and not return your funds in the absence of convincing arguments, as well as at the discretion of specialists in the PROFITINITY technical department.

If the company and a client are unable to resolve a dispute on their own, there must be an appeal to the judicial authorities. If any of the provisions of this agreement are recognized as invalid by a court decision, the remaining items of the agreement remain valid and continue to apply.

General Provisions

A client who agrees with all the terms and conditions of using the company's resource by default confirms that he or she has come of age under the laws of the country where he has citizenship. In addition, the client confirms that the provisions of this agreement, use of the services of the site, as well as work with this resource do not contradict the provisions of the legislation of their country.

Materials posted by the company on its own resources can be used only for personal, informational, or educational purposes.

Responsibility for tax payments (for example, income tax) which should occur as a result of the use of the resource is entirely the responsibility of the client.

Each financial transaction that was performed in compliance with the provisions of this agreement is irreversible and completed.

In order to prevent cases of fraud, customers are not allowed to have more than one account, or to use the payment details of the payment system in conjunction with third parties. If such actions are revealed by the company's specialists, PROFITINITY has the right to refuse to provide services. In such cases, there may be a restriction of the functionality of accounts, termination of payments on the referral program, etc.

If the user has violated at least one of the clauses of this agreement, the company reserves the right to permanently block their account.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy

Online platform PROFITINITY is a financial service that provides the opportunity to carry out investment activities. The company assumes obligations on observance of laws on prevention of cases of legalization of money resources which have been received illegally, as well as committing fraudulent and other actions that violate the rights of third parties.

In this regard, the company fulfills its obligations to comply with the provisions of the legislation on combating the legalization of illicit funds and other activities aimed at laundering of funds. In addition, PROFITINITY undertakes to prevent financing of terrorist and criminal activities (hereinafter AML Policy).

The company must use all available means to identify individuals who use the platform functions and created accounts on the site to commit fraudulent and other activities that are contrary to the law. The administration controls all financial transactions to prevent the commission of money laundering and other violations of the law using PROFITINITY.

According to AML Policy, there is a need to process data that confirms the identity of the customer and transactions. The processing of such information may be carried out at the request of the relevant authorities:

  • law enforcement agencies, including police, customs, etc .;
  • legislative bodies;
  • the judiciary;
  • executive bodies and relevant ministries;
  • Financial Intelligence Units;
  • control and supervisory agencies, including the central bank.

The administration of the company may request additional information necessary to verify the identity of the user at any stage of their work with the PROFITINITY platform.

In case when violations of AML Policy provisions are detected, as well as when the platform is used contrary to the law, the company reserves the right to transfer the information received to the competent state and law enforcement agencies. According to the norms of international law, employees of PROFITINITY are not obliged to inform the client about the notification of the relevant structures surrounding the conduct of suspicious activity. The Company has the right to refuse processing of a financial transaction at any stage, in case of revealing signs of violation of laws by the user or money-laundering.

The PROFITINITY administration may request additional information from the client for investigation or standard verification. Among the reason for investigation there may be revealing suspicious user actions or the complaint of another client. In addition, PROFITINITY has the right to perform such actions for research purposes to verify the company's processes on the basis of random sampling. In this case, the administration reserves the right to request the required data with or without indication of the reason.